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QualifiedFor feature comparison.

See how features stack up against a traditional spreadsheet solution

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Many organisations have naturally come to rely on spreadsheet based solutions for managing their qualifications, but this approach lacks many of the features required for best practice qualification management. The table below compares some of the features offered by to a typical spreadsheet based approach.

Record who has which qualifications in your workforce
Record qualification expiry dates
Highly secure, audited and segregable data
Easily and securely shareable with Customers & Stakeholders
Qualification data accessible from a personalised QR Code
Built in course & training management
Define job roles and required and preferred qualifications
Qualifications and certificate scans held in one secure easily accessible place
Email alerting of expiring qualifications
Define qualifications required and preferred for specific equipment
Time & User stamped qualification notes
Fully integrated qualification cost tracking
Built in configurable reporting engine